Job Creation and Alternative Energy

December 8, 2009
By media@PPS

On Monday, Congressman Rush Holt invited us to take part in a panel on job creation in the US as the representative of the “Green Energy” industry — one of the few bright spots in New Jersey’s business climate.

The input we gave was this:

1. A combination of favorable State and Federal programs have given our industry momentum, and we are collectively a near-term job-creating engine

2. Every solar array that gets installed creates not only jobs for the design and construction of the array, but also manufacturing jobs to build inverters at our plant in New Jersey, and related administrative, sales, support, engineering, and other jobs

3. The federal government needs to take the lead in promoting alternative energy, we cannot continue to rely on states like New Jersey to lead the nation

4. Joining the international community and reaching an agreement at the United Nations climate change conference is an important step, and this must translate into federal support for alternative energy technologies to help reduce emissions

5. The jobs created by our industry are long-term and sustainable, and in creating these jobs we are investing for the long-term benefit of the State, country, and the world…rather than creating jobs that are unlikely to be productive and lasting

We hope the Congressman will take our advice, along with the advice given by the other esteemed members of the panel, and put it to good use in Washington in the coming weeks.

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