Princeton Power Systems Staff Photo

Princeton Power Systems is a manufacturer of advanced power conversion products and alternative energy systems, with patented electronics that provide a reliable and cost-effective means for converting electric power cleanly and efficiently. The company has solutions for microgrids, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy, and military applications. Princeton Power Systems products provide clean renewable energy with superior performance.

The company began in 2001 when our founders developed a patented electronic circuit, which is still in use today, while undergraduates at Princeton University. They went on to start Princeton Power Systems, which researched and develop platform technologies over the next several years before installing its first alternative energy systems in 2005 and releasing commercial products for the alternative energy and energy storage markets.

Princeton Power Systems' role is to enable smart and sustainable energy use through game-changing technology. PPS has made great strides as a company towards our goals and will continue to make innovative and sustainable developments possible.