Demand Response Inverter (DRI-100)

The multi-terminal DRI is more flexible, reliable, efficient and cost-effective than competitive models. The DRI-100's distinctive four-terminal architecture provides valuable grid-support functionality for high-penetration photovoltaics (PV) with storage, energy storage, micro grids, electric vehicle (EV) charging and grid-support functions.

Demand Response Inverter
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  • Programmable power curves and charge profiles provide enhanced control for generators, loads, and batteries.


  • Increased lifespan and advanced high-capacity switches allow the DRI-100 to provide backup power during peak demand and as needed.


  • Multiple AC and DC terminals allow power to route to the grid, DC energy storage and dynamic loads.
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General Specifications
Power Rating100 kW
Inverter Technology4-port PWM with central DC link
Size and Weight90.5 W x 41 D x 70 H, 3500 lbs
Power TerminalsFour (4): 2x DC, 2x AC (optional: 3xDC)
Peak Efficiency96.0% (PV to Grid)
CEC Efficiency95.0% (PV to Grid)
Energy-Saving FeaturesSmart load-shedding, dynamic motor control, Smart Relays
Performance Monitoring & Data LoggingLocal performance data storage, downloadable
Web-based historical performance data hosting options
Features & Options
  • 5 Smart relays automatically shed low-priority loads in response to price signals or grid needs.
  • Ground fault detection and interruption (GFDI)
  • Web-based performance monitoring
  • Revenue-grade kWh meter (optional)
  • Manual AC and DC disconnects and combiner box (optional)
  • Utility interface communication modules for IEC 61850, Modbus, and CANbus

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