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Energy Storage Systems

Princeton Power's Energy Storage System (ESS) makes adding a turnkey energy storage component to any facility or project fast, easy and cost-effective. The ESS consists of multiple inverters and battery racks in a weatherproof enclosure, sized to customer requirements by both power (kWs) and energy (kWhs). The system is built on 100kW inverter building-blocks and can support several battery technologies, including sealed lead-acid, large-format lithium-iron-phosphate and hybrid lead-acid. Each ESS includes all disconnects, connection points and safety systems needed based on the size of the system and technology employed.

Our application team will recommend the optimal ESS for your unique needs with minimal installation and engineering required. Each ESS comes equipped with a web-based monitoring and control system, which allows real-time views of operating data and integration with Building Management Systems, SCADA systems, and data services, such a PJM Interconnection signals. The ESS is compatible with a variety of third-party monitoring and controls platforms.

ESS configurations are tailored for:

  • Microgrids
  • Facility backup power
  • Grid frequency regulation
  • Solar/PV support
  • Wind grid support
  • Diesel generator integration
  • General Specifications
    Inverter Technology GTIB; 100kW Grid-tied Inverter
    Format ISO shipping container, 20/40/60 ft sizes available
    Rated Output Power Configurable from 100kW - 2MW
    Standards Compliance IEEE 1547, CEC, UL 1973
    UL 1741 Certified - Certificate #72090351.01 (Inverters)
    Energy Storage Specifications
    Chemistry Various (lead-acid, hybrid lead-acid, lithium-ion, other)
    Energy Up to 5MWh's
    Power 100kW - 2MW
    Control Technology-specific battery management system
    Grid Interface Output Specifications
    Rated Output Voltage 480 VAC +10%, - 12%, 3-phase
    Rated Output Current Variable- 133/665 A RMS @ 100kW/500kW
    Line Frequency 60 Hz nominal
    57 - 60.5 Hz range (field adjustable)
    Harmonics IEEE 1547 compliant, <5% Current THD
    Safety Features
    Faults Grid Over/Under Voltage, Grid Over/Under Frequency, Over Current, Ground Fault (optional), Overload, Over-temperature
    Safety Features Ground fault detector/interrupter, UL-compliant trip points (field adjustable), Password-protected operator interface, Battery over/under-charge protection, automatic fire suppression (for LiO systems)
    User Interface Features
    Front-Panel Interface Color touchscreen industrial PC-based control interface
    Performance Monitoring & Data Logging Real-time web-based performance data
    Ethernet-compatible (LAN, Wireless)
    Analog & Digital I/O Analog: (3) inputs, (1) output; 0-10 V or 4-20 mA (Inverters)
    Digital: (3) inputs 0-24V, (2) output relays ( Inverters)
    (Optional) PV Input Specifications
    DC Voltage Range 280 - 600 VDC
    DC Voltage Ripple < 1%
    DC Max Current 320 A/ 1600A @ 100kW/500kW

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