Variable Speed Drives - Advanced Naval Drive Technology

Our military-grade Variable Speed Drive, based on AC-link Technology, has been certified to all standards for operation on board naval military vessels.

Benefits over Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Drives

  • Low input & output emissions
  • Very low input harmonics - Less than 3% of full load fundamental
  • Low output voltage transients (dV/dt) - As much as 1000 times lower than PWM
  • Increased installation flexibility - 500' or more between motor & drive
  • Use with standard induction motors (non-inverter grade motors)
  • Increased motor bearing life
  • Lower stored energy

Military Part Number M32168-1A1A1C2BA2
Voltage Rating 440VAC, 3
Power Rating 10HP to 5HP
Control Scheme Open Loop Scalar (Current Source)
Cooling Type Air Cooled
Regeneration Yes
Front End Type Other: AC Link
Frequency Range 5-60Hz
Dynamic Braking No (Dynamic Braking via Software Control, not Resistive Dissipation)
Machine Type Induction
Load Type Variable Torque
Mil Standard Qualifications
Shock MIL-STD-901D: Grade A, Unrestricted, Deck (8 & 14Hz)
Vibration MIL-STD-167-1: 4-25Hz
EMI MIL-STD-461E: CE102, RE101, RE102, CS101, CS114, CS116, RS101, RS103
Shipboard Power MIL-STD-1399: Sections 5.3.1, 5.3.2, 5.3.3, 5.3.4, 5.3.5, 5.3.6, 5.3.7, 5.3.8, 5.3.9
Environmental / Physical
Temperature 0-50° C Operational
Humidity 0-95% (Non-Condensing)
Degree of Protection Drip Proof - 45 Degree Inclination
Airborne Noise 63.5 dB Max at 2kHz
Size 35 x 24 x 12"h (H, W, D)
Weight 250 Lbs
Front Panel Interface Toggle Switch Controls, 4 Line LCD, Power, Run & Fault LED's
Communications Modbus RTU
Profibus DP Copper or Fiber
Ethernet (Web User Interface)
I/O Analog Inputs (2), Discrete Inputs (4), Relay Outputs (2 DPST)

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